Alumni Engagement During Back to School

The start of this school year looks a little different than most other years, how are you sharing these changes to your constituent base? To be relevant and engaging to your constituents the information you choose to share should be relatable. Below are just a few ideas on the types of content you can share to your alumni base:

1. Faculty Spotlight: Faculty who have been around your school for a significant amount of time have name recognition with your constituent base. As you share how your school is responding to COVID, highlight faculty that constituents would recognize. The nostalgia of a familiar name paired with your school’s initiative to deliver a smart and safe education to current students is powerful.

2. Thank the Educators: Just as COVID has led to several communities rallying around health care professionals, so should there be a rally around educators. Alumni who are educators themselves, even if they don’t work for your school, deserve to be acknowledged for the efforts they are making. Being intentional and respectful with how you thank both your alumni and current faculty for all the work they are doing can draw the community together.

3. Support the Parents: Do you have resources to help parents speak to their children about COVID and what their school day might look like? Is your college guidance team brainstorming ways students can explore campuses from afar? These resources are valuable and would likely go a long way in showing how much you care and know your alumni. Share these resources with alumni who are parents themselves!

There are so many other ways to engage with your constituents beyond just resource sharing and article writing but as long as your intent is to share content that is both meaningful and relevant, your constituents are likely going to be grateful you are sharing with them.

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