The Power of Parents of Alumni at K-8 Schools

Parents play a significant role in their children’s education, from elementary to secondary and beyond. Fostering ongoing relationships with parents after their kids depart your school has the opportunity for some truly meaningful collaborations.

I have spoken with several K-8 schools about ways parents of alumni can continue to impact their children’s relationship with your school and have listed a few of them below!

  • Volunteer Mobilization for School Send Off: Parents play an integral role in schools and may be willing to continue their volunteerism after their child has departed. One school decided to work with parents of alumni in creating a goody-bag with simple treats and items to welcome their graduated students into a new school. They mobilized the parents of those students becoming freshmen in both high school and college to create welcome packages to support that alumni class. Another school opted to rely on their parent network to create mini holiday reunions during school vacations. A heart-felt contact point like that shows your young alumni and parents that you care about the ongoing growth of your students well beyond when they have last sat in your classrooms.
  • New School Communities: As a school, you can partner with parents who are sending off their children to high school or college by continuing the power of your community. If you follow appropriate data privacy settings and preferences of your constituents, you may consider connecting parents who have children going off to the same high schools or colleges with each other to maintain the support system you fostered at your own school.
  • Data Updates: Students departing the 8th grade will undergo several changes of information (especially contact information like emails.) There is a far higher likelihood that parents of these young alumni will be willing to update these changes over time. It is important that when you request these updates from parents they understand the value of the data sharing. For example, you wish to share class updates and news.

Wavelength allows you to link family profiles

Notice a theme? Parent participation after their child graduates will dwindle over time. Taking advantage of the parent relationship you formed while they were at your school is a powerful tool to continue your relationship with your young alumni until they have matured enough to develop their own relationship with you.

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