How Wavelength Communicates with Your Alumni about Data

How Wavelength Communicates with Your Alumni about Data

Alumni know that you will likely use third parties to keep up to date. But they want to know you are a good steward of their private information. Transparency is key.

You should be able to answer questions about:

  • Where you get your data
  • How you get your data
  • Potential inaccuracies in your data

These answers should be easily accessible. If you are using Wavelength, here is some more helpful information.

Where and How Wavelength Gets Alumni Data

Wavelength connects with its data partners’ API and pays to find data. Data providers use algorithms similar to Google to find alumni data. This information is publicly available. These algorithms respect user privacy. When users keep their data private, Wavelength can’t find it.

Learn more in Where does Wavelength Data come from.

Wavelength’s Alumni Data Accuracy

Wavelength gives you the best data on the most alumni. It optimizes result accuracy by sending additional context to its data providers. It also requires that results pass an accuracy threshold (the likelihood the result is accurate).

It still doesn’t have 100% accuracy. 5% of profiles matched have incorrect data. Wavelength’s inaccuracies are small compared to most third party data enrichment services.

The problem still remains, how do you use third party data, knowing that some of it will be wrong?

To convince alumni that you are a good steward of their data, you need to be transparent.

It’s better to say up front, “Hey, here is what we know. It may be inaccurate. We use services to help us keep up to date. If it is wrong, please help us correct this information.”

Alumni respond well to this transparency. And Wavelength has tested this messaging. Alumni appreciate that they know what you know and don’t know. They like that they can control their data moving forward.

Now they understand where data is coming from. Most importantly they feel better about your group. You’ve been transparent about their data, how you’ve tried to improve it, and the potential inaccuracies.

In most cases it doesn’t matter. Wavelength has very accurate data. Emails have a ~60% hit rate of finding more fields like career, location, and social profiles. Over 95% of the enriched data is accurate.

Want to read more about Wavelength and Data? Read our. And if you want to know why alumni data is so important to your alumni strategy, read Data Polices, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service Alumni Data and Engagement: Nearly Everything You Need to Know.

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