Schools are Challenged Trying To Address Alumni Engagement

The Big Picture: Alumni engagement in recent years has been redefined to encompass more than just giving but schools struggle with how to meaningfully interact with alumni that is mutually beneficial for the school and its constituents.

VAESE (Voluntary Alumni Engagement in Support of Education) recently published data regarding alumni engagement trends. Below are some telling stats to keep in mind:

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The takeaways:

You are not alone in trying to enhance your alumni engagement offerings.

  • Most schools are challenged with finding meaningful opportunities to interact with alumni.
  • Schools may not prioritize funding to alumni.
  • Alumni benefits and services must be relevant to alumni for it to be meaningful. Features and services are only valuable if they are actually addressing what alumni want. Don’t just offer benefits for the sake of having them.

At Wavelength, we believe in supporting sustainable growth of an alumni program and providing meaningful tools and resources to help you reach your goals.

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This article is part of a series that addresses alumni engagement research published between the years 2018-2020. For more, refer to our other publication: The Four Categories of Alumni Engagement and How Institutions Line Up.