Case Study – Derby Academy

Derby Academy
Planning initiatives that resonate using Wavelength’s search and analytics tools
Derby Academy
Hingham, MA
Organization Size
~1800 people
The Challenge
The Derby development team needed a tool to better understand their alumni and donor community, so that communications from the school could be personalized and strategic. Querying their Raiser’s Edge database to expose trends and find interesting alumni was time-consuming and required training. Reaching out to specific segments of their community was a clunky process involving lots of list management and administrative work. Plus, a large number of alumni had outdated records, and manual efforts to update them had lackluster results.
Why Wavelength
Derby found that Wavelength’s user-friendliness was unmatched. Any team member could instantly sign in and learn something new about the Derby community with Wavelength’s search and filter tools.

As one Derby alumnus said, “I use [a different tool] with another organization and feel like Wavelength is a better product. Ease-of-use is most important and I’m impressed with the functionality and intuitiveness of Wavelength.”

The Results
Wavelength has empowered the Derby Development team with insights about their community that were previously obscured by the clunky nature of their database. Administrators can search for alumni with terms as general as “near Boston” or as specific as “class of 2010-2015 engineers near San Francisco who have donated in 2019”. Wavelength returns a list of alumni plotted on a map that can be immediately e-mailed (with mail merge functionality!) or downloaded to a CSV. These insights empower the Derby development team to better understand who their alumni are today and what they care about. Armed with that knowledge, they can plan programming and solicitations that resonate.