Case Study – DREAM

Connecting mentors and mentees across the country with Wavelength
Organization Size
~4000 people
The Challenge
DREAM wanted something that all its members could use. It needed a resource for its mentees and a way to keep its data organized. Administrators needed to easily reach out to its alumni about local events and find prospects when visiting cities.
Why Wavelength
DREAM found that Wavelength is easy to navigate and something its admins, mentors, and mentees can all use. Development officers liked that its search function made every detail about a community member – their email, social profiles, career information, and more – all immediately accessible. It also helped other admins send out messages only to the segments of their communities. Above all, Wavelength was the right resource to give to their mentors and mentees. It didn’t require people to be on it all the time, but when someone needed to find a connection, they could.
The Results
  • DREAM development officers check Wavelength before visiting a city. They make notes of who they should be reaching out to when soliciting prospects.
  • DREAM organizers send out messages about local events and have gotten positive feedback and attendance.
  • Mentors and mentees use Wavelength to sign on, update their information, and discover new useful members.