The Ivy Club
Increasing dues through a better Wavelength community
Membership Organization
The Ivy Club
Princeton, NJ
Organization Size
~3000 people
The Challenge
The Ivy Club needed a tool that let their members take advantage of their impressive, global network. It needed to highlight those members that gave back to the Ivy Club and drive dues collections. They needed a tool that was populated from day one with better data and could passively monitor their members in the news.
Why Wavelength
The Ivy Club partnered with Wavelength because Wavelength helped them both take advantage of their community and drive dues collections. Wavelength’s thoughtful data policies allows Ivy to collect the best data, while maintaining their members’ privacy.

“Wavelength was a very responsive and sensitive partner in our successful launch of an online alumni platform. Their team is very hands on, and I highly recommend them.”
– Kevin M., Board Member

“Wavelength has made our jobs as board members a lot easier. We know much more about our community which allows us to be smart about collecting dues and donations.”
– Ant T., Board Member

The Results
  • Over 850 alumni signed up within 3 weeks, an impressive 30% of alums. They seek out top donors and monitor their dues history.
  • Over 560 people updated their information immediately.
  • 60% of alumni had enriched data which included up to date social profiles, photos, career info, and locations.
  • 100% of polled alumni say they would definitely continue using Wavelength in the future.
  • Admins receive 1-2 news links a week about their members that they share with their membership.