Case Study – ZBT Vanderbilt

Zeta Beta Tau
Connecting and engaging lost alumni through Wavelength
Vanderbilt University
Nashville, TN
Organization Size
~1500 people
The Challenge
ZBT’s biggest challenge was that it didn’t have up-to-date information on brothers. 35 percent of its network was missing contact information. ZBT didn’t have a tool to network, connect with alumni or manage its data.
Why Wavelength
Wavelength can pull contact information and enriched data (social profiles, career data, location, etc.) on alumni and give chapters access to accurate and up-to-date information. This provides a more useful networking tool and solved both of ZBT’s problems.

“We really like being able to see where people live and what people do. It makes networking easier. Wavelength keeps our data really organized which we love.” — ZBT Exec

The Results
  • Of the 35% without contact information, ZBT was able to source contact information and additional data on 60% of them through Wavelength.
  • 60% of constituents with contact information were enriched with additional data (e.g. career, education, location). The added data combined with Wavelength’s communication capabilities provided ZBT a comprehensive and useful networking tool.