Wavelength turns alumni into donors.

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Anyone can make one time or recurring donations across any device.

Wavelength lets anyone donate with any major credit card. They get a donation experience with the look and feel of your organization, linked directly from your website.

Wavelength partners with Stripe so you get your money quickly and securely.

Donations are deposited directly into your bank account. Stripe helps you understand donor behavior with extensive analytics.

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The standard plan lets your alumni find and connect with each other

Mobile Optimized

You can donate across any device, and most browsers. No downloads required.

Branded Experience

Your donation page and receipts feels like your organization, so your donors are confident in their donation.

No Hidden Fees

Wavelength does not take any additional cut of donations.

Donation History

Alumni can log into their Wavelength account to view and manage their donations. They don’t need to search their inbox to remind them when they donated last.

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