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🛈 $49/month for the first 500 constituents + $40/month per 500 more
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Thousands of people use Wavelength to donate, keep their data up to date, and find people in their network.

“Working with the Wavelength team has been an absolute pleasure. They have been super responsive to our every need, building and customizing any features that we request. They have also helped us develop strategies to execute our long term alumni-engagement vision. Their professionalism is outstanding.”

– Alumni Council President, The DREAM Program

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are my payment options? Can I pay with PayPal or credit card?

We will email you an invoice. If you are on a one-year contract, you have the option of paying up front. Otherwise, we will invoice you monthly based on the number of constituents we have in our system. You can pay electronically credit card. Otherwise, you can send a check.

Is there an implementation fee?

There is no implementation fee. The $0.1/alumni/month covers all costs including implementation, data append, and the Wavelength platform.

Do you take a cut of donations?

Wavelength does not take an additional cut of the donation in its standard and premium plans. However Wavelength's payment processor, Stripe, takes a standard credit card processing fee. Read more here.

My organization needs to add constituents. How will we be billed?

We calculate your invoice amount monthly. If you add constituents, your invoice will increase the following month. You will not be charged for the additional constituents during the month that you added them. If you are on a yearly contract, you can add up to 25% of your expected constituent base without additional charge. We recalculate the number of constituents at the end of the year contract.

My team wants to cancel its subscription. How do we do that? Can we get a refund?

Send an email asking to cancel or downgrade your subscription. If you cancel your subscription, we will download your data, give you secure access, and delete it from our system. If you downgrade, we will update your platform's data access to the appropriate level. We do not offer refunds.

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