Easily find people in your network.

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find people with personalized results

Your alumni get immediate, personalized results.

Wavelength gives your alumni personalized results, ranked on relevance and relationship strength, as soon as they log in. Wavelength users scroll through an average of 130 profiles to reconnect with old friends, find career guidance, and more.

find people with an intuitive search bar

An intuitive search bar replaces clunky filters.

Wavelength’s single search bar returns results you expect. It is as easy, flexible, and satisfying as a Google search.

A map-based directory shows you trends in your community

Search results appear on a map,making it easy for you to plan mini reunions and fundraising tours. Alums can send group e-mails to those in their area to find roommates, organize local events, and career network.

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How to Discover Members in Your Group

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Privacy Controls

You have control over the data you share with other members. Wavelength uses sensible defaults when showing contact information.

Custom Tags

Customize tags to help segment alumni. Tags are also great tools to increase donation participation and reward philanthropic users.

Mobile Optimized

Wavelength is compatible across all devices and most browsers. No downloads required.

Multiple Groups

Wavelength makes it easy to organize your network into smaller sub groups to match your organization’s structure. Sub groups help people connect with the right people.

Contact Limiting Available

You can opt to limit the number of people that can view a person’s contact. Perfect for high-traffic networking organizations and high-profile users.

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