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Your data improves by 60% immediately

Wavelength sources e-mails for 60% of lost alumni. And given just an email address, Wavelength can fill in the gaps. With up-to-date locations, social profiles, and career information, your engagement initiatives can be strategic and effective.



Your data stays up to date.

Wavelength makes it easy for alumni to update you about themselves and their peers, and parents to update you about their children. 70% of users update their info immediately upon logging in.

Supercharge your community initiatives with current and accurate data

Social Data iconSocial Data

Linkedin and Facebook urls help you find out more and let you connect on other platforms.

Location Data iconLocation Data

Better location data helps you stay up up to date on your constituents’ locations.

Profile photo iconProfile Photo

Profile photos let you put name to faces so that you remember old friends, or have a reference before meeting in person.

career data iconCareer Data

Titles and company data help you find the right person for your next job, mentor, or employee.

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